Wednesday, December 21, 2011

All Is Bright

Sending you all the warmest, brightest wishes on what will be the shortest day of the year here in the Northern Hemisphere.

Canadian House and Home 

The Solstice occurs at 5:30 AM Coordinated Universal Time on December 22, which is 9:30 PM this evening here on the West Coast -- 12:30 AM for you Easterners.

Traditional Home

Style Me Pretty

While it may be the longest, darkest night, it also marks the point where things start getting just a bit brighter each day after.  

 Style Me Pretty

I'm a light-a-candle-don't-curse-the-darkness kind of a girl. You can bet that my Hope Glassybabys will be aglow and there will be fire in our fireplace tonight.

 British Homes & Gardens

Here's to brighter days ahead!


  1. Well thanks for informing me! I am all for brighter days ahead literally and figuratively:) Wishing you joy, peace and sanity in these last few days leading up to Christmas!

  2. What an uplifting post. Yep, living in a rainy state means you have to find coziness in candlelight and warm fires. :) Hope you have a wonderful holiday!

  3. What a wonderful night it was, we did I little tour with the Christmas ships on the lake. Your cool yule images are beautiful! Stay cozy!

  4. Love this post, Jeanne.
    Thank you for sharing, and these images are beautiful.

  5. I can just see your Hope glassbaby collection flickering tonight!

    I love what candlelight does to a room, so will light quite a few on this shortest day of the year!

    Thanks for letting your light shine, Jeanne!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  6. Beautiful pictures! I like that last one, that says "Noël." Like you, I love burning candles, and that's what we will do over the next few days... Here's to longer days ahead. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  7. beautiful images!! and yes- to brighter days!!

  8. I'm a brighter days kinda of gal myself and so glad we're passing the dark days hump... Spring is just 3 months away!

  9. Yes, yes and hooray! Light on the way! As someone who walks her pupper each evening, I really look forward to the longer days--although we have lovely Christmas lights to walk under right now. :)

    Jeanne, I just reread your profile and couldn't help but think that we are coming at each other from different ends--I have always been an artist and am exploring the possibility of building/permanence, you are coming from a fashionable and stable background and are looking towards letting go into art. You have to love the internet!

  10. I actually look forward to the shortest day, for the reason you mentioned: the days start getting longer afterward! Happy solstice!




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