Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Happy Wednesday everyone! Just popping in to say a quick hello -- I'm spending my blog time today working on some sadly tardy thank you notes!  I love being able to say thanks with a hand-painted note. It's nice while I paint away to have some extra time to think about how grateful I am for the gift or gesture the note is recognizing.

This one is from 1997! It was a thank you to my friend Christina for an Audrey Hepburn book she gave me for my birthday that year. Wow, I'm thankful to have friends who hang on to my little notes for so many years!

What are you thankful for on this October Wednesday?


  1. And I can understand why they do - so lovely and thoughtful!!

  2. I would too :) You have such talent, lucky girl! XOL

  3. I would hold on to a thank you note painted by you any day... so pretty and thoughtful! Thanks for your sweet comment on PPT!

  4. Thanks for stopping by with such kind comments, ladies! You make me smile!

  5. Tee hee! I have little stashes of your paintings all over my house! I always told you I would keep them all cause some day you'd be a rich and famous artist and I could say, "I knew her when..." are we there yet???


  6. SUPER cute thank you note! Hardly ever see notes like this! Love the style! What a cute idea!

  7. I am so thankful to have had my sons home and to have prepared meals with love and good nourishment. I am thankful that they are happy at college and I think they realize that these are the good times.

  8. I would hold onto a thank you note like that forever. I have some boxes where I keep treasured correspondence!!!

    I'm thankful for friends in blogland! What a joy that turned out to be!!!

    xoxo Elizabeth

  9. I'll second that, Elizabeth! I'm so thankful for all the friends I've met through blogging. It's been such a joy. XO

  10. i love all of my sweet notes.. and the chandelier! xo



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