Monday, October 31, 2011

Orange You Glad It's Halloween?

Trick or Treat! Are you ready for the ghost and goblins to come knocking?

Pumpkins carved?

House decorated?


Stocked up on candy?

I hope that your All Hallow's Eve is full of more treats than tricks! 

Images from Martha Stewart, Vogue and Country Living

Have a Smashing Pumpkin Fest, friends!


  1. Happy Halloween my friend!!! It's going to scary around my house today b/c the contractor and his team are behind me as a write, ready to DEMO the side of my house!!! First step toward progress.

    So, I didn't quite go all out this year on decorations. Next year, we'll go crazy - new home and all!!

    xx Elizabeth

  2. Good luck, Elizabeth! Sounds exciting AND scary --just like Halloween. Can't wait to see the progress as your renovation takes shape! XO

  3. Our neighborhood always gets at least 200 trick or treaters even on slow and rainy nights-- Add to that the fact that I am at school all day to help my son and his friends throw their big Halloween extravaganza. I expect to be "Halloween-ed out" by 8:00pm tonight. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  4. Have fun ~ sounds like a perfect evening. So many fun kinds in your neighborhood! Great images!! xo ebh

  5. Great post! Put me in Halloween mood right away! Have a great Halloween!!


  6. Just love to watch the children in their costumes, though my decorating is lacking this year...

  7. Hope you had a Happy Halloween, around here it was pretty boring (my baby is 16 so you get the idea........) but I never tire of looking at amazing and inspirational Halloween I am bracing myself for a serious onslaught of Thanksgiving and Christmas posts to really make me feel!

  8. I did not get one trick or treater this year!! Good thing I bought candy that only my husband likes!!

  9. We had the most trick-or-treaters ever! Embarrassed to say, all my candy was depleted! I need to go all out next year. We are still in reno mode and I feel so overwhelmed....eeek.

  10. And with snow on the ground, it felt like The Nightmare Before Christmas! Nature played tricks on us this year...

  11. Wonderful pics Jeanne. I think that's a fab idea to put the treats in the pumpkin! I hope you had a Happy Halloween. Many thanks for the visit and kind comments and it is lovely to meet you too. Love Linda x



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