Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Red Ticking

Many of you out there know and love Pam Robinson and her wonderful store Red Ticking. She's made our lives more beautiful with her fantastic finds and her priceless friendship.

Beautiful Pam in her home as seen in Cottage Living

When I first met Pam, Red Ticking was in it's early stages.  Pam worked out of her apartment, selling her amazing stash of vintage linens, handcrafted into lampshades and pillows, along with fantastic pieces of vintage furniture hidden away in her garage.

 Red Ticking pillows (photo by John Granen)

Eleven years later, she's one of my most treasured friends and Red Ticking is the best vintage store in Seattle, while her interior design business continues to grow and thrive. 

Red Ticking (Photo by John Granen)

Pam's road to Red Ticking began with many years in retail, working for the likes of Ann Taylor and the Limited in all manner of jobs from selling to buying, merchandising and design.

 Rolls of vintage linen (Photo by John Granen)

Even then, she was building the inventory of what would come to be Red Ticking. "Whenever we went to Paris for work, I always made sure I hit the flea markets and began collecting loads of wonderful vintage fabrics. Stock piling. Wondering... what in the world will I do with all of these lovelies?"

Piles of fabric (Photo by John Granen)

Pam confesses to being a full-fledged workaholic in those days. "I was travelling all the time... Asia, Europe, NYC, LA," she says. "I knew it was time to make a change. Finally, I woke up and did something about it. I quit my job and began working from my apartment. I had no idea what I was doing or if I could make a living. I just knew I had such a passion for creating something special and had to explore it."

 Creating something special, an after-hours Christmas party at the Ticking

The most beautiful things in my home are from Pam, from the sweet red striped French bowl that sits on my kitchen counter and greets me every morning...

 My favorite French bowl 

To the chandelier that hangs in the dining room, presiding over the table at each dinner party like an honored guest.

 Our chandelier...

 ...An honored guest at the table

I still have the first piece I ever bought from her -- a pillow made of the most gorgeous fabric -- I like to imagine what it might have been and where it lived before it came to me. 

My first Ticking purchase--it's moved three times with me

Pam has the most amazing eye, a talent that seems to simply come naturally and started at a very young age.  "My collection began as a teenager," she says. "My parents purchased several pieces for my bedroom. I will never forget feeling like the luckiest girl in the world! We went to a wonderful antique dealer and I got to select each piece.  It was wonderful. So the HUNT began."

 Pam's dreamy home (Cottage Living)

And it's the hunt that remains her passion, "For the most wonderful things in life...I simply buy what I love."  Does she fall in love at first site? "Yes! all the time," she laughs. 

 These little bowls must dance in the store after hours--to Madonna, Pam says (photo Red Ticking) 

 And of course this lovely settee joins the party, too (currently available on 1stDibs)

Her finds have a way of becoming woven into your life. The feathers in your nest. The things that say the most about you and how you love to live.  I can't imagine throwing a dinner party without something from Red Ticking on the table top.

Ironstone compotes, votives and Libeco linens all from the Ticking

Pam is as beautiful as the treasures she finds. When asked what she is most thankful for, she's quick to respond, "My faith, family and friends."  She counts the relationships she's formed as the most welcome and surprising gift her business has brought into her life. What gets her out of her cozy Mateo-sheeted bed in the morning? 

 Mateo Linens at the Ticking (Red Ticking)

"Knowing that something unexpected will happen! Every day is truly a gift."

Happy Birthday, Red Ticking! And congratulations, Pam, on 11 inspiring years. Can't wait for many, many more. Thanks for your friendship and all the beauty you bring into our lives. XO


  1. Happy birthday! What a wonderful tribute to a visionaire and obviously a special friend. I love hearing inspirational and uplifting stories like this one of someone just following their heart and dreams. Dreams DO come true and she is proof of that, thanks for sharing this wonderful story!!
    Your Red Ticking treasures are all beautiful!

  2. What a generous post to a talented woman - I have often drooled over pictures of pal's store, it was fun to learn more about her, thank you.

  3. What a fantastic story - sounds like she deserves all of the success that has come her way! And, such an inspiration to someone like me who is just starting in a new creative direction!

  4. You are such a good friend!! Pam has such a great story and you are so generous to share it with us here. Love her fabulous finds!!

  5. Part of me wants to move nearby so that we could meet up at "Red Ticking" and to host such lovely gatherings...among such talented women.
    Many warm wishes to Pam and to continued passion for Red Ticking!
    I adore my little pleasures from Red Ticking!

  6. Happy Birthday to Red Ticking!!! I am so thrilled to know your connection to Pam. I'm always inspired by those who follow their passions!!!

    xoxo Elizabeth

  7. Joyeux anniversaire Pam and Red Ticking. Congrats to you for highlighting a special place. Now I feel REALLY sorry I did not stop by this amazing store while exploring "Seattle's own Little Paris" while researching this week's post! Not to worry. I just live across the bridge. I will be coming over shortly ;-) Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

  8. jeanne...
    you are such an incredible friend and i love you truly.. one day i will share your story... and i will say..."i knew her when"...
    thank you from the bottom of my heart. xo

  9. Happy Anniversary my dear friend - you are such an inspiration - always have been!


  10. lovely. I didn't know of pam's background. how wonderful and exciting (and brave of her to start her own business from her passion). She is a beautiful person in and out. I have only met her through our blogs, but that much is crystal clear. she is a lovely soul. I enjoyed your trubute very much. donna

  11. What a very sweet tribute to wonderful,talented Pam. I feel so fortunate to have her and her shop in my world!

  12. what a beautiful story! i will be tucking this away in my files for when i visit family in seattle! can't wait to visit her store.

  13. oh ditto everything you said about our amazing Pam!! It has been so fun to see the Ticking grow from the beginning into the fabulous destination it has become. I still remember fondly all my 'special deliveries' Pam would make to my office with new pillows for my first home. (They were just about the ONLY good thing about that first home except for the guy who came with it, and are still some of my favorite treasures!) Along with my friends Pam and Jeanne! xoxo

  14. great blog! i just visited the red ticking website and was so bummed to find out it was so far from me :( i love it and i'm definitely a new follower of yours! have a great day!

  15. This is such a wonderful tribute to Pam and her beloved Ticking! She's touched so many lives and hearts with her sweet spirit and her beautifully tasteful eye...and we are extremely blessed to have her so near...she's the best! ♥
    xo J~

  16. How cool to be friends with someone who has found their passion - I bet her glitter rubs off on everyone she meets! Thank you for the introduction.

    And thank you for joining Post Of The Month Club :) XoLaura

  17. A lovely tribute, to an obviously very talented lady. I do love to hear about people who turn their lives around and follow their passion! I have popped over from Laura's linky party. Have a lovely week, love Linda x

  18. what a wonderful tribute and insight to our beloved Pam!! thanks, and I loved her post about YOU too, which led me to your beautiful are a very talented artist, writer and photographer...just lovely, I'm going to follow!





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