Thursday, October 13, 2011

Feasting on Fall

Happy Thursday! Isn't this week just flying by? I'm planning for a small dinner party of Saturday, soaking up inspiration for a fall feast.  Pouring over favorite cookbooks. Making notes in the planning notebook I use to keep track of all our entertaining. Looking at photos from past autumn parties...

I'll be taking off early to get organized.  I hope you have a glorious and fun-filled fall weekend! See you next week!


  1. Hold on a second, missy - I happen to know that this weekend ALSO marks the one-year "blogaversary" of I Dream Of!!

    I'm wishing I could hack in and post on your blog itself, but in lieu of that, I just wanted to say Congratulations, and Well Done - I know how much work it is, but I (we) all very much appreciate it! I so love your blog - you're my favorite part of the morning and a source of great inspiration (always)...I'm so glad you decided to do this - blogging was made for you!

    XOXO, Christina

  2. OH well then I'd like to wish you a happy blogaversary as well - congrats!! And love your table - the classic blue and yellow is beautiful!!

  3. I can't wait to hear how the dinner party turns out Jeanne! I always love hearing what you end up with for your tabletop and menu - it's always something truly inspirational!

  4. I know that your guests will be thrilled to be in your capable entertaining hands this weekend! There is nothing better than being invited to a friends home - where you are eagerly anticipated.

    And, woo hooo.....Happy Blogaversary, Jeanne! So happe Christina let that cat out of the bag!

    All the best for a magical weekend!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  5. wishing you many more years of blogging... i know we both love our little blog friends and will always have our little language with all of this...

    tonight was absolutely amazing... from start to finish... your home is so cozy the food amazing and you are always the perfect hostess...
    love you so much friend...xoxo

  6. Thanks for all the blogiversary wishes, ladies!

    Nicole, so much fun to see your comment AND your new last name! We miss you.

    Pam, I'm so glad you enjoyed dinner. There is nothing better than to have a home filled with lovely friends! XO

  7. happy blogaversary! I am so happy to have met you, it has been one of the great gifts of the blogasphere! I love your paintings, insights, and notions.



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