Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Early Birds

Just a quick hello before I flutter off to work for an early-morning presentation.

Canadian House And Home

Admittedly, I'm not much of an early bird -- I wonder if happy blue and white feathered-friend wallpaper would help me feel like singing more of a morning song?

John Derian 

I could use a wake up call from the blue bird of happiness...

John Robshaw via House Beautiful

Brunschwig & Fils via House Beautiful

Martha Stewart

 ABC Carpet & Home House Beautiful

Or some inspiration from the early bird who got the worm...

Canadian House and Home

House Beautiful

Design Public via Elle Decor


Lee Jofa

 Martha Stewart

A little cheerful birdsong can go a long way toward brightening my day and reminding me how grateful I am for my place in the world.

Martha Stewart

And if that doesn't work...


... there's always a good strong cup of coffee!

How about you? Are you up with the birds or would you rather stay in your nest?


  1. I'm not an early bird at all. All owl!!

    But I do adore birds, so I love all of these happy images.

    Coffee - that's a necessity!!!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  2. Oh, that Herend cup, so beautiful. I too am a night owl, through and through. It takes me awhile to get up to full speed in the morning. But as the day wanes, I am in 5th gear...

  3. WE must be twins.. I'm not much good with mornings either and definitely need a strong coffee to make me functional..

    Love the blue bird by John Derian.. I love his work,. Have a great day.. ciao xxx Julie

  4. i'm a sleeper.... but i do love birdies... and that wallpaper... fabulous..xoxo

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