Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dreaming of: Autumn in Cognac

These photos snapped by Todd Selby for Hennessy have me dreaming of a fall escape to Cognac.

 The Medieval town that also lends its name to the region and to the world's best known brandy is located in France's Western Loire.  A twenty-mile radious called the "golden circle" includes Cognac and a second distilling town of Jarnac, where the eau de vie has been produced since the 17th century.

The Chateau de Bagnolet has been in the Hennessy family since 1841. The once-private home now houses lucky VIP guests.

There are only six vineyard areas around the Cognac region, each within the Appellation Controlee for Congnac, which dictates the strict rules with which these double distilled liquors can be produced and labeled.

All photos from The Selby

I'd love to learn more about Cognac. The different varieties and growth areas of grapes, from VS (Very Special) to XO (extra old). I really do think the subject requires much more intensive study. Probably on location.

Anyone care to join me?


  1. I would love to learn about Cognac too!
    Maybe we can plan a trip there? Can we sketch our way sip by sip~

  2. PVE, I think a sketch and sip adventure sound perfect! Have brushes, will travel!!!

  3. Please count me is a region I have wanted to visit for years. The link below is to a wonderful piece David Lebovitz did on his visits to many of the congac cellars in the area. Could we also slip up to Bordeaux for some vin blanc, and then to borbonaise {I need another Braque du Borbonaise}?

  4. I love vines growing on homes! Always looks so cool! If you’re going to go to Cognac, do it quick before you get a little puppy! That’s so cool you are thinking about getting a dog! I cannot wait to get one! I hope you got a few ideas on getting cute looking furniture for the home! :) BTW – marketing in fashion!? OMG awesome! Kind of want your job! :D

  5. On location? I'm your girl.. haha.. yes I love to travel anywhere and dreaming about travel I think is just as important.. Love that laneway in the 2nd image.. gorgeous..

    Thanks for popping in.. and have a great weekend.. ciao xxx Julie

  6. we visited the wine region of France on our honeymoon--so fantastic! Maybe its time for another visit!

  7. I've actually never tried Cognac...but it sounds so warm and wonderful for winter! I'd love to join you...the beauty alone is enough to entice me!

    xoxo Elizabeth
    ps: A trip with you and PVE and your sketchbooks....oh my...incredible!

  8. I would love to do this trip - maybe we can get Terry to take us all!!!



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