Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Master of Pretty: Oscar de la Renta

"In the future someone might ask, 'what is Oscar de la Renta?' and you could say 'it's a pretty dress.'" -Oscar de la Renta

One of my favorite moments of fashion week is when Oscar de la Renta sends his collection down the runway.

I know many of you would agree. Others may be more directional. But no one can make a girl feel pretty like Oscar de la Renta.

The man knows how to make a dress. The fabric. The cut. The fit. Right down to that little elastic band that hooks inside and holds everything in place just so. 

 Photos from Oscar de la Renta PR Girl Tumblr

Lucky me, I've collected a few over the years. Each one a work of art hanging in my closet. All beautiful, but this one from Pre Fall 2010 has to be my favorite.

 My illustration

A swish of black taffeta, a burst of color. Put it on, and you're wearing a party. Every stitch, perfectly pretty.

Oscar de la Renta shows today at 6pm Eastern. In case your invitation got lost in the mail you can catch it online here.  

Now, can someone please invite me to a party, so I can wear my dress?


  1. SO Gorgeous!! What a beautiful painting!! Would love to sashshay out in that for an evening.



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