Thursday, August 4, 2011

Inspired By: A Rose Colored Outlook

Speaking of Red Shoes, did you see Kate Spade Creative Director Deborah Lloyd's closet on The Coveteur?

About a dozen years ago, when I was just starting out, the fashion item I craved most was a Kate Spade bag. In fact, I think I still have the black Kate with red gingham lining that I bought when I got a big promotion. It's packed away somewhere with my prom dresses.

Seeing how fast the orange Scout bag flew off the shelves this spring did my heart good -- it made me feel that maybe I'm not so old. If Kate Spade still resonates, maybe there's still a chance for me. I have a soft spot for the brand, and love the fact that its been able to maintain the essence and DNA of its founders, but evolve to its own entity, something bigger on its own.

When I look at photos of Deborah Lloyd's home and closet, I can see how much her point of view has contributed to where Kate Spade is today. The color. The whimsy.  The wit.


Pretty meets smart. Girl next door meets glamor. Hot dogs meet foie gras.  

All photos from The Coveteur

I'm on the lookout for what the next 10 years has in store for Kate. And for Deborah. 


  1. Ah that picture of the doggie is too funny! All great images.

  2. There truly is something special about the Kate Spade brand. I adore the wit, and the ladylike presence. It reminds of a lost generation, such strength in a tube of red lipstick. I have a tube of red to keep me brave.

  3. Love this post. Kate (and Andy) is such an amazing visionary. I love how from that first classic bag with the name on the outside to their website and offerings today....they have staying power.

    xoxo Elizabeth
    ps: I had a thrill today, you would have enjoyed. I went into the city and saw the Alexander McQueen exhibit. Honestly...blew me away!

  4. I still have my first Kate Spade bag packed away has huge pink mum-ish flowers on it and has such a Grace Kelley I'm wondering why it's packed away!
    Kate, her brand, and her style will thankfully always be a classic!
    xo J~

    btw- happy ruby slipper creating!



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