Monday, August 15, 2011

Blues for Summer

Here we are, Monday again. Is it just me, or is summer flying by? It shocked me to notice that our hydrangeas are starting to antique already. The white ones have gone almost crimson, the blues are starting to take on a mellow faded greenish tinge, like tarnished and weathered copper.

I guess it is mid-August, but it seems like summer is winding down too fast. I'm reminding myself to relish every possible moment of longer warmer days before fall rolls in.

So I went out with my garden shears and picked the brightest, bluest hydrangeas I could find, the ones that hadn't started to fade. I grabbed a few new green blossoms, just tinged with the slightest red, arranged them in my favorite blue and white container so that I can enjoy a little summer while I get ready for work each morning.

 Michelle Rago Weddings

I was inspired by these stunning masterpieces from Michelle Rago. Aren't they amazing?
  Michelle Rago Weddings

And I let my own blooms inspire a quick little sketch that will remind me of summer long after the flowers are gone.

How do you plan to savor the last days of summer?

 The Sartorialist

By wearing favorite things in your closet that just won't transition into fall?

  The Coveteur

By taking your coffee outside on the porch in the morning? 

  British Homes & Gardens

By sneaking outside to relax in the afternoon?

 British Homes & Gardens

 Or dining in the garden as the light begins to fade at day's end?

House Beautiful via Oliveaux 

Here's to the last days of summer-- and here's hoping that yours are beautiful, with the only summer blues...

 Southern Accents

... the ones you find in your garden! 


  1. Wonderful ode to blue and the fast fading glory of summer!! I just love your beautiful arrangement and all the spectacular Michelle Rago arrangements. I feel like I haven't really even had a summer this year - so sad. I am hoping to take sime time to enjoy it before it is gone for good!,

  2. My hydrangeas are doing the exact same thing!! Once things dry out, I'm heading out with my shears to see if I can get some more bouquets!

    Summer has flown! We are wrapping things up with a family vacation next week - something more for the boys than us - and then another round of houseguests over Labor Day.

    Hopefully after that, the garage gets cut off....and we start our reno!!

    Happy Monday!
    xoxo Elizabeth



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