Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Visualize Summer

Mr. H. and I went on a nice long Sunday walk last weekend, getting outside for some fresh July air. We were rugged up in layers of fleece and Gortex and dripping wet. We passed some kids with a table set up in front of the corner grocery store. They were standing under soggy umbrellas, selling bumper stickers that said "Visualize Summer." Seattle humor.  So even though the temperatures yet again probably won't climb much over 60 today, I think I'll take their advice...

It's a well-worn cliche that Seattle is supposed to be gray and rainy... but truthfully, this is what this time of year is supposed to look in our neck of the woods. And even though so far it's been the coldest summer on record, I'm hopelessly optimistic that we still have some warm, blue-sky days ahead. That the mountains may peak out from behind their shrouds of clouds.  Perhaps even this weekend.

Here's hoping!

Happy weekend, eveyone.  I'm taking off early, and will probably be a little quiet next week while I break out the paints and work on a few fun projects.

Wishing you long, sunshine filled days. See you soon! XO


  1. Enjoy your breather. I think we all need them...and I can feel one coming on for me. Not spending enough time down at the beach this summer.
    Though today I paddleboarded for the first time - a great way to enjoy the water and get my exercise done!!

    Looking forward to those paintings.

    And, I think Seattle is the only place in the US that isn't under oppressive heat, including us in NY>

    xoxo elizabeth

  2. What a dreamy picture! Looks so incredibly beautiful and relaxing an serene! I would be very happy being in Seattle right now as the weather here is over the top. I need more down time and looking at these pictures is the closest thing I have come to it all summer! Enjoy!

  3. I'm trying to blow some sunshine your way!

  4. Visualizing summer - What a great concept. One that will be put in practice right now, because it's not all that warm here either...

  5. You can have some of our warmth!! We were in triple digits at the end of the week. I'm now in Maine visiting my younger daughter at summer camp and it is delightful - sunny and 80 - perfect summer weather. I'm sure you'll be enjoying some soon. Enjoy your time off - we all need some and I'll look forward to seeing some of your charming artwork soon!!



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