Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Snakes & Snails And Sugar & Spice

Today is doubly special because it is the birthday of two of my favorite people of the smaller set.

Martha Stewart

My Godson Bobby and his twin sister Sophia are seven today! As their mother said it, "Good grief! Where does the time go?" Seems like yesterday when "Girls' Night" with my dear friend Christina meant pacing the floor at her house, each of us bouncing a crying newborn on our shoulder -- if memory serves, there was wine involved (at least on my part)!

When they were three, their mom requested a kitty birthday card on behalf of a little Sophia and a puppy card for Bobby (who even then had the biggest of smiles) because that is what they each were fascinated by at the time.

Now that they've hit the ripe old age of seven, their tastes have grown a bit more sophisticated. Ballet for Miss Sophia...


Pirates for Bobby...


Yum Sugar.com


No matter how many birthdays they celebrate, my wish for them is that they never underestimate the amazing possibilities for their lives:

My Cute Crush

Happy Birthday, Bobby and Sophia. Don't grow up too fast, please. 


  1. Happy Birthday to them! I love all of these pictures.

  2. Such an adorable age!! Sending happy birthday to the twins. So cute that they are really all girl and all boy - never ceases to amaze!!

  3. seven year old twins! double the fun! love my twins and it is always so much fun to celebrate each year! I cannot believe mine are 18!

  4. Happy Birthday, to the precious twins!!! My little bugaboo will turn 7 in September and we're working on party themes. Sure am liking the pirate idea, argggh matey!!!

    xoxo Elizabeth

  5. love the boy party inspiration! I cannot wait to throw my little guy his first party, but I don't want him to grow up at all!

  6. Jeanne! Hoping this finally goes through - it has been KILLING me not to be able to post! Love this so much - thank you. The kids and I were so tickled to see it. And look - seven years later, you still got to bounce a kid and have wine, just in a bouncy house instead! :)

    Love you!


  7. P.S. Your husband is a riot! I'm still finding Nerf gun bullets all over the house. He absolutely made Bobby's day! :)

  8. Okay - I have to say, now that I have FINALLY fixed my computer so that I can post on your blog again, it has been KILLING me that I never got to respond to this. It meant so very much to me and to the kids.

    You're the greatest Auntie ever!

    We love you!!!




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