Monday, July 11, 2011

In The Pink

Welcome to Monday, friends. I have to admit, although my skin has taken on a shade similar to the hue of the lobsters we ate for dinner on Saturday night, I'm not quite ready to come in from the sun and face the work week. 

 Images from British Homes and Gardens

Instead, I'd much rather find a warm, sunny spot to curl up and finish my book (wearing a big hat and some sun screen, of course).  

How's your Monday? Busy or relaxing?


  1. Oh these images makes me want to wish for the weekend again ♥

  2. Oh yes...relaxing in the sun with a great book is my idea of heaven today. Adore these images!!

  3. Oh me too - I had such a lovely weekend I didn't want it to end. Your suggestion sounds fabulous!! Although I feel for you - sunburn is so uncomfortable.

  4. love LOVE your blog, soo cute.

    defiantly following you.

    follow me if you like? x

  5. Jeanne- Spend part of Sunday by a pool in Westchester visiting husband's parents, and plan on going to the pool tomorrow! So today I took a "pool break" and did some unpacking, chores and organizing indoors.

    Ready for sunscreen tomorrow! Love your pink images! Especially the pink and white stripes!


  6. My day was a little more hectic than I bargained for....but landing here is making my day! Pink and relaxing....just the way I like things!

    xoxo E

  7. Love the second photo. It looks so relaxing.



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