Thursday, June 23, 2011

White Night

While my attire for Saturday's bash is still up in the air (you all may have to help me out with that tomorrow), Mr. H's has been sorted for weeks. I lobbied hard for a white dinner jacket, and he's game.

Mr. H is always a good sport about tuxedo-ing up for an event, but in all the years we've been together, I've never seem him sporting the white jacket. I suspect he'll look pretty swell.




It'll be like being out on a date with James Bond. 

Which do you prefer, dressed up or dressed down? Tux and tie or T-shirt and jeans? 


  1. Are you kidding?? Dressed up for me - what man doesn't look great in a tux!! And a white dinner jacket is my all time favorite! I'll bet your husband will look dashing!!

  2. He's is going to look amazing! Love all the clasic pictures you posted btw!

  3. You guys sounds like so much fun! And what a trooper you've got there! ;-)

    Happy Thursday Darling! xo

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  4. Tux and tie over T-shirt and jeans any day. Like that's even a question....

  5. I'm on board with the tux too...stick with the theme! Have fun, sad to miss:(



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