Friday, June 3, 2011

Where Did I Leave My Sunglasses?

Did you know that more sunglasses are purchased in Seattle than any other U.S. city?

It's probably because we misplace them when the sun goes behind a cloud and stays there for months, like it has this spring. But it's time to locate the shades because this weekend, the sun is finally supposed to come out and temperatures will reach into the 70s for the first time this year! If that's not something to celebrate, I don't know what is!


Happy weekend, friends! I'll certainly be looking at the world through rose colored glasses. What are your plans? XO


  1. i want to go swimming !! and btw... i purchased a beautiful pair of sunglasses ... and 2 weeks later.. they have vanished. boo.
    enjoy sweetie... xoxo

  2. Haha I think my favorites are the Queen's

    - Sarah

  3. Jeanne- I really want a big round oversized pair. Polarized, too!


  4. LOVE that illustration. In fact, please keep incuding those in your posts b/c I think that separates you from all the others! :)

    I am constantly losing my sungalsses...a bit of a joke with my husband.

    We have had parties and more parties and my boys are out on Tuesday (another party day), so I am so behind on visiting my friends in blogland. I caught up on your Mexico trip - aren't the colors so vivid down there? It must have been a wonderful contrast to Seattle.

    Chat again soon!
    xoxo Elizabeth

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