Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend in Bloom

We're experiencing a very reluctant spring here in Seattle. In fact, we're starting to wonder about our chances for a summer at all. It's hard to complain when friends are sweltering in the East, though. And on the bright side (no pun intended) our flowers, while late, are enjoying a lovely lengthy season.

Our first garden roses popped out on Friday last week, and were in full bloom by the time a sunny Sunday arrived.


The lavender showed it's first purple tips, too, making me think that maybe summer might be on it's way after all.

I'm in the middle of a little project that required me to be at my desk, so couldn't linger in the sun much longer than it took to drink my morning coffee. But I cut a few blooms before I got to work and added a few sprigs of mint, which is starting to go crazy in pots around our deck. 

They added a lovely fragrance to my project and a gorgeous hit of summer to my desk.

And when I was ready for a little break, they offered a bit of quick creative inspiration...

Just time for a quick sketch!
Is it summer where you are yet?

Hope your weekend was lovely, fun and productive -- and that you have a sunny week ahead. XO


  1. Wish we were neighbors and we could have tea and paint roses and pretty peonies.

  2. Your images are stunning...

    and your artwork looks really nice and pretty ♥

  3. Wow your flowers are gorgeous! It's a bummer about your summer though. Is it just going to be June gloom all summer for you?

    - Sarah

  4. Lovely!! AFter a sweltering few days last week, we are back to grayer skies and cooler temperatures. Sadly our peony season has come and gone but mine were plentiful and beautiful this year as I can see are your roses. How lovely that you can paint them to have a reminder after their bloom has faded!!

  5. Well, today I find myself in a 99 degree heat wave (with very little place to hide) in Kansas!! Visiting hubby's family. Good thing I came prepared. Short, strapless dresses, flip flops, cowboy hat and sunscreen!!

    Your roses are beautiful!!! When I left NY, my hydrangeas were starting to bloom....can't wait to see what has transpired while I'm gone.

    xoxo elizabeth

  6. WOW, beautiful..just beautiful!

  7. your painting is so fresh and lovely! :)



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