Monday, June 20, 2011

Never enough...Peonies

Bunny William's husband John Roselli says, "You can never be too rich, too thin, or have too much blue and white." My friends Dana and Elizabeth have seconded him and tacked on Chanel and Veuve Clicquot Demi Sec... and I think I must add peonies to our ongoing list of things you can't have too much of.

 Image from Martha Stewart

In Seattle, peony season is in full swing. They're everywhere. Bobbing their heads in my garden, drooping a bit, weary from the weight of the rain drops that have been falling all weekend (we're all a bit tired of the rain). In the farmers' markets. At the corner grocery store. Charming, dressed for a party, wearing their couture ruffles in shades from white to deepest red.

On Friday when I popped in to see my friend Pam at Red Ticking, the most gorgeous bouquet of garden peonies greeted me, perched on top of a vintage cafe table on the sidewalk outside her door.

While we admired the frothy blooms, I had the most wonderful surprise as Pam started calling to someone across the street -- turned out it was the lovely Emily from Splendid Market! I've admired Emily since we were both working at a small but growing Northwest coffee company (Starbucks!) nearly 20 years ago, and it's been such a treat to cross paths with her again in blogland -- and even more fun to meet her in person --she's as perfectly sweet and darling as you would imagine.

The peonies eavesdropped as we chatted about food and wine, our neighborhood, blogging, and weekend plans before Emily had to leave for a date she had with herself for a "girl's night in."  

I said my goodbyes to Pam and the peonies, but later at my friend Dana's I was met by a few more luscious blooms that she had arranged around the house in her collection of blueandwhite. At that point I had pink, blue and white on the brain!


Back at Pam's the next day, she wouldn't let me leave without a few buds from her arrangement--now decorating an old chest along with a huge set of moose antlers! I couldn't say no because I knew they would look perfect in a new friend that had followed me home from The Ticking a few days before. But first, I dragged Pam cross the street to the amazing Ines Patisserie, because I had a pink-blue-and-white brain storm!


What could be prettier paired with pink peonies in blueandwhite than a matching vintage bowl filled with raspberry macarons? 


I mixed Pam's blooms with a few from my garden, and they did look delicious paired with the pink macarons from Ines. Yum! 

The macarons didn't last long, but the peonies are now happily perched on my dressing table, cheering me on as I face another week.

What flowers can you never have enough of? 

Hope that you had a delicious weekend and that your Monday is off to a pretty start! XO


  1. STUNNING...what a lovely combo of pink with blue & white! xx

  2. It's amazing to me how such a small bud can turn into such a HUGE and lovely flower. These are all so lovely =)

    - Sarah

  3. I just found your blog and I love all of the beautiful images you have on it! Now following.

  4. what a darling post... i just .. l o v e it.
    and you... my dear friend..xoxo

  5. I think if I found myself in Seattle....I would love your group of friends. Peonies, Veuve and monogrammed stationery would do it for me!!!

    xoxo Elizabeth

  6. I love them and the colour is amazing - they look great in the white and blue vase :))
    Claudia xo

  7. I love all of the blue and white china that the peonies are in! I can't get enough of peonies either, they are one of my self indulgences!

  8. Oh my - so many of my favorite people and flowers!! I of course adore peonies!! I had a plethora of pink blooms this year but sadly the season is over. However I must add hydrangea to the love list and mine are now gorgeous in full bloom. The advantage to them is that they last so much longer than the sadly short season of the peonies.



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