Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June Bug

Happy June, friends! The weather here in Seattle still hasn't quite caught up to what it says on the calendar, but now that we've officially turned the page into the summer months, I've got a bee in my bonnet to throw a garden party!

British Homes and Gardens

British Homes and Gardens

I'm thinking letter press invitations, Pimm's Cup, Cรดtes de Provence, lobster salad and heirloom tomatoes. 


British Homes and Gardens

My Illustration

Maybe individual peach galettes for dessert?

 Baking Bits and Bobs

Pam at Red Ticking has the perfect garden seating...

Red Ticking

What to wear? Hats are a must, I think.

 Carlolina Herrera from

As  soon as the weather warms up, I'd love to have you all over. 

British Homes and Gardens

British Homes and Gardens

British Homes and Gardens

British Homes and Gardens

Are you ready for summer? What's on your menu for the perfect garden gathering?


  1. Where's my invite? I certainly wouldn't want to miss this incredibly chic affair!!

  2. i am so ready for a garden party with you friend and i will bring the furniture! he he


  3. Oh, I want to come!

    I need to "perfect" my backyard garden before I throw a garden party. So, I"ll live vicariously through yours!

    I like small bits or a caprese salad is always nice. Cold drinks - lots of ice and garnish make me happy! Old fashioned lemonade for day and something with a little vodka for evening.

    Candles, music.....let the garden be the decor!
    xoxo elizabeth

  4. I'm definitely ready for summer. Lots of wine on my menu =) Looks like you'll be throwing a nice garden party.

    - Sarah



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