Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Booked for a Bath

Canadian House & Home is celebrating it's 25th Anniversary and asking readers to vote for their all time favorite rooms from the publication. I think this one has to be mine...

How relaxing. You can pull a leather-bound book from the well-stocked shelves as you climb into a deep tub full of bubbles. What could be better? 

Who am I kidding, I would probably slip, and the book would come to a soggy end. I should probably not grab anything more valuable than People magazine for my tub-time reading. It's a lovely idea, though! 

Are you reading anything great right now?


  1. Definitely love this too. And i love your blog entry title hehe.

    - Sarah

  2. Too funny - I read your first line and had the EXACT same thought and then read on and laughed out loud. Totally with you on the concept however!!



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