Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Birthday Wishes

Today is my friend Heidi's birthday...

I wish we could celebrate in Paris like we did a few years ago. A visit to the flea market, a little shopping, a nice long lunch...

Vogue IT

Huffinington Post 

 T Magazine

Where do you dream of celebrating your next birthday?


  1. Happy Birthday to Heidi!!! Last year I celebrated in Paris - and stopped by some of the spots you show. This year, it was toes on the beach, cocktail in hand. Next year....I haven't thought about yet, as the thank you notes are right next to me, begging to be done!! :)

    xoxo Elizabeth

  2. Having lived in Paris for four years, I was lucky enough to celebrate my birthday there four times - a walk along the Seine at sunset and a romantic dinner in the fifth arrondissment... perfection!

  3. I really think several days in a steamy blue tiled Haman in Merrakesh would be the ultimate birthday celebration. Lovely painting!

  4. What a wonderful drawing you've got there! For my birthday, I would love to visit Damascus or Beirut or Dubai and wander around their souks!

  5. My birthday is in the fall and frequently coincides with parents' weekend at at least one of my children's schools - so as long as I'm not cooking, I'm with at least some of my family, and the champagne is flowing, I'm happy. Paris someday I hope!!



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