Monday, June 27, 2011

Better Late Than Never

Happy Monday, all. How was the weekend? We got a little worn out from all the celebrating -- our bash turned out to be quite a swell time. A sunny Sunday meant staying late in our PJs, lingering in the Adirondack chairs with coffee and a good read. A long walk. Rehashing the party over gin and tonics and leftover nibbles on a sunny patio. And catching up on long overdue projects.

Hope I Hit The Right Note-My Illustration

I'm a firm believer in the importance of a handwritten thank you note -- and I like mine to be hand-painted, too.  The girls celebrated my birthday weeks ago, but "Project Thank You" got placed on the back burner during "Project Invitation." Getting them out the door felt pretty darn good, and hopefully they're better late than never!

Did you get anything crossed off your to-do list over the weekend?


  1. Oh what a wonderful chair illustration, charming!

    Oh I adore people who gives thank you notes...
    there are not too many these days ♥

  2. I love receiving and giving handwritten thank you notes! It means so much more than an email. Love the chair illustration too!

  3. I love that illustration....and I agree about the thank you note...personal is so much better....xv

  4. Jeanne, so happy to hear your party was a smashing success. The post-party review is always a favorite of mine!

    I have thank you notes hanging over my head. I really like doing was just a crazier week than most. This week is looking quiet and calm. Just wish I could handpaint mine, too! :)

    xo Elizabeth



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