Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Tree Grows In Manhattan

I love the idea of strolling in the English countryside. Grabbing my Wellies to go wandering through the hedgerows, watching the breeze grab the leaves of the trees in a playful dance. Catching the sweet scent of garden roses, peonies and lilacs from a nearby garden enclosure.

Image from British Homes and Gardens

Image from David Austen Roses

My fondness for a country walk made the addition of 20-foot Field Maples in Westminster Abbey one my favorite details of the Royal Wedding. I loved how letting a bit of the outdoors in brought freshness and life into such a historic and tradition-bound venue.

Image from AP

At Vogue's Costume Institute Ball last night a similar contrast was created as the outdoors flourished in a grand space once again, with bucolic trees, fanciful topiary and garden blooms decorating the Museum and Temple of Dendur where dinner was served.

The dramatic topiary referenced McQueen's sculptural fantasy creations.

Daphne Guinness Wears McQueen

While blossoms and foliage echoed the designer's more romantic and ethereal notes.

And thistles mixed among the fragrant blooms brought a sense of a Highland Fling and Mr. McQueen's Scottish Heritage.

 Images from Vogue.com

Hamish looks ready for Brigadoon.

For my next event, if we can't get out into the garden, I'll be inspired to bring the garden in. Perhaps not on an Abbey or Museum-ish scale, but my own little English Garden fantasy.


  1. Your first photo just echoes everything I love about the english countryside, and of course I'm totally with you on the pleasure of bringing the outdoors in - especially in an abbey! But don't you think that half the charm of all these ideas is the ephemera of it all? I've always believed that hours spent on flowers and decoration for a party is time well spent, so much effort put into something so temporary just makes it very precious.

  2. Totally agree about the trees at Westminster Abbey - they were a fabulous addition indeed!! And wouldn't you just loved to have been at the Met Gala last night? Looks amazing!



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