Thursday, May 5, 2011

Road Trip

There's nothing better than that favorite little shop. You know the one...

Where you can always find the perfect gift, or that just-right little something to make you feel better on a not-so-great day. A new set of table linens when you don't want to iron your old ones. The perfect mirror, chair, lampshade...whatever. The owners know who you are. Your style. Your weaknesses. You can pop in for a chat or a major purchase. You always leave happy. Hopefully, that little shop is just down the street, which is true for me.

But there's also the joy of finding something a little farther afield.

Where you have license to buy whatever your heart desires in that moment because you can't just make an easy trip back if that impulse turns into obsession. Discovering a find like that is one of my favorite things about a vacation or road trip.

I'm feeling like it might be time to jump in the MINI and drive about three hours south to check out Marguerite, a sweet little boutique in Portland, Oregon's West Moreland neighborhood.

Designer Daisy Allen Phillips handpicks the gracious items in her store, from fine linens to lovely antiques. Looks like the perfect place to find another piece of blue and white to add to my collection...because you can always use just one more.


Who's  with me? I'll drive (although it might be tough to fit all our packages in the MINI). 

All images from Victoria Magazine

What's your favorite spot to shop?



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