Friday, May 6, 2011

The Mother of All Trips

Happy Friday, everyone. And happy Mother's Day weekend, too. I'm thinking about my friend Kendall today, who took her Mom and her sweet little daughter, Caroline, on a special Mother's Day trip to Nantucket.

Images from Victoria Magazine

I know they'll have a lovely girls' weekend. They're staying at the White Elephant, where I celebrated wonderful birthday last summer, and my in-laws honeymooned almost 50 years ago!

What a perfect way to treat Mom. Is there a place where you've always wanted to travel with yours? I think my mother would fall as hard for Paris as I have, and I hope we get to go together someday.

Where would you like to take your Mom this Mother's Day?


  1. My mom took her mom on a river boat trip in France about 20 years ago...she got off the boat every day to ride her bike while my grandma read on the boat. I think it would be great to do it with my mom also, while we can both ride bikes!

  2. My Mother and I went to Bermuda which was so much fun. She has a glass jar full of pink sand and still talks about that trip. Love Nantucket and would love to go with my daughter.

  3. Well I recognized the Bartlett's Farm truck on Main Street immediately!! Well the White Elephant isn't what is was 50 years ago - it's SO much better. And what a great location. I tried for years to get my mother to visit us on Nantucket but sadly she never made it. What a fun trip. It's my daughter Caroline's favorite place!!

  4. My Mom is not a big traveler, so I'd take her to nearby Saratoga Springs, NY for lunch.


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