Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Feeling Spotty

After three straight days of seeing spots, I realized that next to blueandwhite, leopard could very well be my favorite color.

My favorite dress (Image InStyle)

A favorite feminine dress. A thin belt that ads a spot of interest to a simple black sheath. A silky tunic with worn jeans. A vintage coat.

My Illustration

Leopard goes with everything.

Image from Vogue.com

From head...

Image from Vogue.com

To toe...

Image from Garance Doré

Always glamorous.

Image from Vogue.com

Wear just a little. Or pile it on.

Image from The Covetuer
It's seasonless.

 Image from The Sartorialist

It looks best in the wild. 

 The Real Deal -Spotted on our Honeymoon

But can be domesticated, too. 

Rene Gruau

In fact, it's quite at home in the great indoors!

Image from Elle Decor

Image from Apartment Therapy 

Image from Harper's Bazaar

 Image from Elle Decor

Love a leopard Louis! 

My Illustration

Are you a leopard lover? Or would you rather have some spot remover? 


  1. I am so right there with you!:)

  2. Totally agree. Leopard shoes is such a fun way to update an outfit.

  3. I do love leopard - but I think it has to be worn carefully...

  4. Such a clever, fun post! I am absolutely, positively a leopard lover! I haven't figured out exactly what I'm wearing to blogfest, but I do know I will be taking my leopard wedges and my leopard heels. They will go with anything!!!

    Really loving your illustrations! Will you be selling those? Ummmm....I'm interested!

    xoxo Elizabeth

  5. I love this kind of spots...your collection of images is fantastic, love it!
    Just found you...am following :))



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