Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Everything's Going To Be All White

Did I say that leopard is my favorite color? That may have been a slight exaggeration. When it comes to home and interiors, I definitely favor crisp, clean, peaceful white--it's the perfect backdrop to showcase blueandwhite or pops of red on little vintage French bowls, like the ones that have followed me home from the Paris flea markets over the years. 

Before I met Mr. H., my nest was a sweet little cottage a few blocks up the hill from where we live today. It was cute when I bought it, but needed a bit of love. So I enlisted my friend Dana and gave it a refresh in a palate of soft whites.

I met Mr. H. just as we started the kitchen renovation. A few months later, we were engaged, then married, and then the sweet little cottage felt a little cramped. So we moved down the hill and started over -- updating our new home with many of the same materials that I loved in the old. I miss that little cottage, but it's like I brought a little bit of it's spirit down the hill with me.

What about you? Are their colors and materials you like to work with over and over? Or are you always looking for something new?


  1. funny, it is like a marriage. One really has to fall in love and know that it is all about give and take. I love many of the same things I fell in love with then, a good sense of humor, and honesty.
    In my home, I love seeing things evolve.

  2. Yes I love to change things at home too, I like to experiment which can be a bit frustrating to live with but my family is sort of used to it by now -!!-and I think they probably enjoy the process too. :))



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