Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Comfort Food

Well, hi there! It's been awhile. I've been quiet for longer than intended because of a rather violent cold bug that followed me home from Mexico, confining me to the couch for several days.

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I usually just try to power through, but this one got me really good! I lost my taste for pretty much everything except toast, tea, grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.

 Kristen Shiffman Photography 

 But I do find that when I'm under the weather, taking tea in my favorite handmade mug from Red Ticking and the toast on a pretty Blue Willow ware plate makes things a bit more cheerful.

Frog Hollow Farms

And indulging in a jar of plum and nectarine preserves from Frog Hollow Farms that has been waiting in the pantry for a special occasion also went a long way toward raising my spirits -- they make the best jam ever, really!

Canadian House and Home

I have to admit, there has been many a workday morning where I've longed to just stay in bed with a cup of tea and a good read, but the truth is, it gets old after awhile. 

I made it through all 300 minutes of the BBC Pride and Prejudice...

And every single Audrey Hepburn movie in our collection.

Devoured both books in The Carrie Diaries series....

Because when you feel rotten, it's nice to have old friends like Carrie Bradshaw, Holly Golightly, Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy around for comfort.

Southern Accents

The bouquet of pretty pink peonies from Mr. H., and another from my dear friend Christina, brightened things up considerably! And being profiled on my friend Amy's blog also cheered me right up! So nice. 

What's your favorite "comfort food" when you're feeling less than 100%? 

Happy almost June, my friends! I'm so happy to be back on my feet again. I hope you have a wonderful week! XO


  1. The plates and peonies are gorgeous.

  2. I make a "green" soup with leeks and masses of fresh parsley, celery and it makes me feel much better. I guess a grilled cheese could do the trick too! A gruyere with sauteed onions....on some delightful bread and a glass of wine...to go with some classic movies...

  3. Yay for BBC Pride and Prejudice!!!!

    - Sarah

  4. lol sorry, wrong link at the bottom of my comment...


  5. So nice to "see" you - we've missed your cheerful voice and pretty illustrations!! So glad to hear you're feeling better. My comfort food is totally toast with jam and I'm sorry to admit - ice cream (not so good for a cold). I'm sending you vicarious peonies which I am totally flush with in my yard but not for long so enjoy them while you can!!

  6. Welcome back!!! I just thought you were rollicking in the ocean and swigging margaritas! Sorry it was a cold that brought you down.

    You do know how to be sick in style though!!! :)

    Here's to a new month and a healthier you!
    xoxo Elizabeth

  7. hope you are feeling better... and you know my favorite comfort food...
    a star with beechers in it! hhmmm and await the blue cheese souffle!

  8. hi i'm new to your blog and wanted to say i'm enjoying it very much. i love pride and prejudice and i have that very plate on the top photo! i hope you're feeling better by now. i look forward to following along.



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