Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Grace Takes The Cake

Happy Birthday Grace Coddington!

Is it okay if I gush for a moment? I love Grace.

Like pretty much everyone who saw The September Issue, I think she stole the show. The scene when she wanders through Versailles and reflects on all the history it's seen has to be my favorite part of the film, and every day I try to remember her advice to never close your eyes because you might miss something.

She inspires me because she manages to be uncompromisingly creative, but can marry her vision with the realities of business. She fights for what she believes in, but does so with... well, grace.

She turned 70 this month, and her party at Indochine looked like quite the celebration--Vogue.com has terrific photos and an inspiring write up from André Leon Talley.

What a fascinating life she's had.

And I have to say, I hope my next birthday is half as fun, let alone my 70th!

Images from Vogue.com, The September Issue and Fashionologie 

Happy Birthday, Grace. You really do take the cake.


  1. l o v e g r a c e.... happy birthday to a very talented and courageous women....

    wonderful post... xx

  2. great roundup of photos and tribute to such a stellar lady!

  3. Wow- great post. I can hardly believe she's 70. Love her too! Amazing round-up.

  4. Oh my gosh....I love Grace too!!!!!! I didn't realize it was her birthday. What an amazing life she has led. At Fashion Week last September in NYC, I ended up just a few feet from her at the Balenciaga party. I was in AWE!

    So amazing that Valerie at Glassybaby is your neighbor and friend! I have so enjoyed getting to know her and helping make connections. I went to the NYC glassybaby and loved it. It's my "go to" gift for friends now!

    xo elizabeth

  5. I don't know what else there is to say except I agree with you on every front. She is incredible - inspiring and humbling at the same time!!

  6. Jeanne - what a great post -- I have always felt inspired and curious about her. Thank you for digging up those covers, I hadn't seen them before. She sets a great example in the way she balances business with beauty.

    I just added I dream of to my blogroll, keep the inspiring posts coming, please!!

  7. Jeanne -- will you send your email address to me at ebh@splendidmarket.com? I did a more detailed post on the JB incident, for inquiring minds..

  8. ahh i love her too. she totally captured my heart in the september issue! love this post and will be linking to it tomorrow :)


  9. Great sketch. I hope you send it to her. She would treasure it. I am a Grace fan as well. She has lived an amazing, full life. I can't wait to see what she does in her 70's. She's an inspiration for all, in that just because we hit a number it doesn't mean we become irrelevant or useless. The world needs more people like Grace to remind us to keep going!



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