Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fire Up The DVR

While we perch on the edge of our seats and wait to find out what becomes of Lady Mary and Matthew Crawley and the rest of the Downton Abbey crew, PBS offers us the perfect distraction--the return of Upstairs Downstairs. The wildly popular original--watched by an estimated 1 billion people--aired over four years starting in 1977, chronicling the lives and dramas of two sets of people in a grand London home.

The new version is more of a sequel that a remake, and follows the follies of a new family in the same home in 1936, six years after the original came to an end. The daily dramas encountered by Lady Agnes and Sir Hallam Holland and their servants play out against the historical backdrop of the death of King George V, the abdication of Edward VIII, and the eve of World War II.

From the photos I've seen, the sets and costumes are brimming with proper British upper class chic and glamour.

The first of three episodes airs Sunday on PBS. Will you be tuning in?


  1. oooh I'll have to check it out. How fun!

    - Sarah

  2. Oh dear - I will have to DVR something since I'm already hooked on the Borgia's!! Looks marvelous and of course ANXIOUSLY awaiting the return of Downton Abbey!!

  3. I can't get over the Blue Foyer! Amazing!



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