Monday, April 11, 2011

Finding My Niche

Happy Monday, everyone! How was the weekend? Did you relax? Cross a bunch of things off your list? Mine wasn't the most productive ever, but I did check something off that has been driving me crazy for ages.

My Illustration 

I've mentioned my obsession with all things blue and white before, and also that we are working on finishing the interior of our home. Just like the perfect bar stools, something I just haven't been able to find is an object to fill a recessed niche in the wall above the landing of our staircase. In the nearly three years we've lived here, it's stood empty, mocking me whenever I go up or down the stairs. But no more.

Thanks to the Intranet and Google and a dogged search over the weekend, this 38 inch Ginger Jar will hopefully find it's way to my doorstep step soon, and finally fill the niche! With any luck, I'll like it as much in person, but I think having anything to fill that void will make me very happy.

How about you? Have you been searching for the perfect something for your home for ages? What is it?


  1. These are pretty =) It's fun hunting things down for the house. I'm trying to hunt down a rug for my living room. I'm having a hard time finding anything though.

    - Sarah

  2. i love blue and white, its so elegant!

    I have a built-in bookshelf in my living room that I am just always searching for new things to fill, it just never seems right!

  3. good find! one of my best friend's mom's collects blue and white and she has a particularly special bowl on display in a beautiful shadow box on the wall!

  4. don't you just love when you find the perfect piece...

  5. Beautiful!! I adore blue and white as well! It's so satisfying when you finally find something perfect you've been on the prowl for. And of course love your charming illustration!

  6. Amazing illustration! Love the blue and white piece...I'm sure it will be a lovely addition. My weekend was also productive. I did cross a few outdoor decorations off my list. Enjoy your week.

  7. Beautiful! I adore blue and white and mixed with black or white it always looks timeless and elegant.



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