Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dreamy Pink

The magnolia tree in our backyard peaked this week. So beautiful, but so fleeting. I watch the buds slowly grow as winter slips away. And then poof, a burst of pink gone so fast to make way for bright green leaves.

They remind me of a couture creation.

Something Red Carpet worthy

Something that Marie Antoinette would wear.

Or a Degas ballerina.

I wish they would stay just a little bit longer, but their sweet pink blooms are a reminder to enjoy spring while it lasts.

What's your favorite spring flower?


  1. Magnolia trees are so gorgeous. I always get jealous of my sister in california because she has a huge one that blooms every spring : )

  2. One of my favorite blossoms.

  3. I have never seen the compared to coutoure before but they are certainly worthy! I love it when the peonies start popping out of the ground as they are in my yard now - but there is something every romantic about a magnolia tree too!

  4. Love the tulip magnolias. We have one in front of the house. It does go so quickly. Favorite springtime flower? I am still enjoying my muscari, I don't grow them but I love runaculas too!! I do believe that flowers often influence fashion..lovely images.

  5. my parents have two giant magnolia trees in the front yard and they are gorgeous for the short time they bloom!

  6. peonies have always been my fave...until i moved to this apartment with a magnolia tree out front. i totally agree - they are like couture creations. divine.

    just found your blog and love it! now following :)


  7. What a gorgeous post favorite is a pearl bush (the size of a tree) that blooms every Spring with the most gorgeous white blossoms! So wish it's splendor lasted longer ~

  8. Adore magnolias! And they ARE like a couture creation - what a beautiful analogy! I just told my husband that I would love to have some more flowering trees. So looking forward to the peonies - my favorite pink bloom.



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