Friday, April 8, 2011

Closet Case

So tell me, does your closet look like this:

 Image from Elle Decor

Or more like this:

Image from The Coveteur

I have all sorts of fantasies that some day, my closet will look like the former (What? the closet organizing elves could come!) but I have to admit, the reality is much closer to the latter. Only about 10x worse. And the crazy weather as we supposedly shift into spring makes it even worse -- I'm wearing my biggest coats over my littlest crepe-y dresses. Nothing from fall/winter has been rotated into storage, but bits and pieces of spring/summer keep getting rotated in.

But this weekend. It's time to organize the closet. How about you? What chores do you have on your list this weekend? Are you still in winter-wear or are you trying to dress of this reticent spring?


  1. I will be doing the same!:) closet time!

  2. I could only wish for the first one...
    so easy on the eyes ♥

  3. Mine looks like the latter minus that many shoes. =)

    - Sarah

  4. ooh, i dream of a closet like that some day! my grandmother has a dressing room in her home that is lovely-- lots of pinks, a beautiful vanity, and perfumes galore! i just found your blog and like it, please stop by mine!

  5. Definitely more like the 2nd and sadly about half the size :(

  6. My closet does look more like number 2, the wicked stepsister that it is BUT the good news is that when I move I do hope to start "anew"...yes kind of like when you get that brand new car and declare your mantra of absolutely no food, no drinks and this car will remain perfectly clean forever and ever. NOT. Then the kids get a hold of it and 2 weeks later you find chicken nuggets and gummy bears between the seats..well hopefully I will do better with my closet, but I do INTEND to have a beautiful and orderly closet and I think the key is when I throw away A LOT that I have been hanging onto (why I have no idea) Sorry for rambling..clearly you hit a sensitive subject wtih!

  7. dreaming of closet number one...

  8. I adore that first picture, that is MY colour, what an elegant room



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