Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Someday, We'll Be Together

Dear Yellow Jimmy Choos,

There is nothing I would like better that to take you out to play. Really. It pains me to see you stuck in the closet. 

I think you would be the perfect match for my spring pedicure.

But we'll just have to be patient. And wait until the time is right. And it stops raining. Soon, I hope.

Until then, my sweets.




  1. Love that Jimmy Choo artwork...gorgeous ♥
    Of course a real one is much desired too :)

  2. I think spring coming has gotten us all wanting to dust off the lovely heels ;)

    - Sarah

  3. Just the fact the you have those gorgeous shoes waiting for you is making me jealous!

  4. As always love your charming illustration! I am so excited to be going to Florida Saturday for a few days. I can't wait to wear sandals!! I'll be treating my girls to pedicures before we go so all our toes are cued up for the warmer weather!!



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