Monday, March 28, 2011

Singin' In The Rain

Seattle's spring has been a bit soggy and unpredictable so far, but like this sweet little mite, I'm not going to let a few puddles get in my way.

Image from the Wall Street Journal 

The cherry blossoms, magnolias, camellias and daffodils are too beautiful to miss, and getting a bit wet is well worth it for a little playtime outdoors. Although I'm afraid I'm not nearly as cute in my rain gear as this little one.

Maybe I need a pair of these:

What about you? Are you game for singing in the rain and splashing in puddles? Or would you rather stick to the great indoors until the sun comes out?


  1. So cute ♥
    and the artwork is amazing ♥

  2. She is simply adorable. I have a fabulous shot of my youngest when she was about 3 in rain gear I've been saving for a similar post. Since it is beautiful and sunny here I won't be needing it yet (sorry - don't mean to taunt). Of course LOVE your charming Hunters illustration!

  3. Adorable- nothing cuter than little ones in oversized rainboots.

  4. I'm torn. I'm loving it when the sun breaks through and it's very pleasant out, but I'm still enjoying curling up when it's cold and rainy too. I think you definitely need the pink Wellies =)

    - Sarah

  5. my daughter just got these boots in bright green!

  6. i have 3 pair... and you dont have any? ok, something is wrong with this picture my fair shoe maiden! he he xx



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