Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rumor Has It

The rumors that Sarah Burton and the house of Alexander McQueen would design the royal wedding dress had already reached a fever pitch--book makers cut their odds from 14-1 to 1-20 this week. Although the house denies they are stitching THE DRESS, the frothy white show that just walked in Paris at La Conciergerie made the denials seem less convincing.

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Elle's Creative Director Joe Zee tweeted from the show, "Kate Middleton, I love you but if you don't have Sarah Burton design your wedding dress, you're making a huge mistake."

I loved the collection. I've written before about how much I admire Sarah Burton, and would love to see a McQueen gown trail down the aisle of Westminster Abbey. She certainly has the skills and sense of drama to make a dress fit for the occasion.

What do you think? Would you bet on McQueen? Or is another British designer more your cup of tea?


  1. Those wedding gowns looks so amazing...
    definitely gorgeous:)

  2. those dresses are gorgeous :)
    i think she deserves a shot!!!

  3. I think she's perfect. You're right - I think she's carried on the McQueen legacy admirably while adding a slightly more feminine touch. The craftsmanship and detailing are indeed amazing!! I think it's a done deal and they're just waiting it out.

  4. I'm always one step behind Ms. Quintessence. On this topic, which I'm wildly unequipped to answer (despite my subscription to Hello) I think, way to fancy. Kate is much more subtle. We shall see.

  5. hmmmmm...I was going to say McQueen -- but Liz, V & B may have something...maybe she would go for something more subdued -- although I am sure SB would happily modify her designs to suit charming Kate.



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