Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pack Your Bags...Paris Awaits

Thanks to at Amanda at Oliveaux, I've found my perfect Paris apartment. Come visit me there, won't you?

You'll find me through this grand door off the Place des Vosges, the oldest formal square in Paris, once home to Victor Hugo and Madame de Sévigné.

I'd love to invite my dearest girls to a ladies' Champagne tea in the pretty Salon d'Ete.

Or the entire gang over for a wine tasting beneath the beams in the warm and cozy Salon d'Hiver.

I'm sure that between the Parisian markets and this gorgeous kitchen, I could manage to cook up a somewhat delicious dinner...

Or we could go out for a stroll through the Marais...

...and end up at one of the neighborhood cafés for a bite, while we watch the world go by.

And I can't imagine having anything but the sweetest dreams in this perfect bedroom.

What do you think? Would you come for a visit?

All images from Pavillon de Madame

Learn more about this amazing retreat, designed by Jacques Granges in collaboration with architect Alain Baudouin, here.


  1. Ugh this post just makes me jealous of the lucky ducks who get to live there!

  2. A good enough reason for me to speak much better French if I went there with you! What a dreamy spot.

  3. oh sweet amanda... she always knows what is going on... and i am purchasing my plane ticket today... of course i will join you! xo

  4. Wow! How amazing. I would kill to live there! How fun!

    - Sarah

  5. OMG - I'm so there. Tell me when...xoxoxo

  6. Divine! I'm obsessed with that kitchen photo!

  7. Not only would I come for a visit, but I may move in...perfection!!

  8. What an amazing apartment in Paris! And, I'm with you on the champagne tea and lingering at the cafes!

    Oh, I want to go back!!!!
    xo Elizabeth

  9. Dying!! Was already craving a trip to Paris and now you've cemented my desire! What a fabulous apartment and lovely images of Paris - sounds like a lovely trip!!

  10. When can I come to visit? Iam ready, willing and able..bags are packed and ready to go!



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