Friday, March 11, 2011

Mademoiselle Penelope Goes To Paris

I think my favorite trip to Paris might have been with my sweet friend, the charming Mademoiselle Penelope, when she was just two. 

Photos from Heidi Diaz

She is quite the young lady now and speaks better French than me. But I think even when she's all grown up and gone off to college, I'll think of her as a tiny girl, enjoying the cafe society of Paris and running through the Luxembourg Gardens. 

Have you ever been to Paris with a child? I think you see the city in an entirely different light.

Merci, Penelope, for a lovely trip. Bon weekend, everyone!


  1. Oh my, she's that's memory making for a lifetime!! Happy weekend ~

  2. ohhhh she is so cute... what a little lady drinking tea at a cafe in paris!

  3. awww that is just the cutest!

  4. How special! I love the picture of her in front of the red door (I LOVE red doors). This makes me think of the Madeline books.


  5. What a beautiful little girl! I've never been to Paris, but it's definitely on my travel wish list =)

    Happy Weekend!

    xo Linda

  6. Oh Jeanne - how simply adorable!! And I love her name - I think I'd like to be known as Mademoiselle Penelope!!

  7. I agree. We took Sofia to Paris when she was 16 months and it was wonderful. She loved it and we can't wait to return, but I'm afraid she'll be speaking Spanish instead of French unless my mother-in-law gives her a crash course soon!! xoxo.

  8. That was such a fun trip! Hard to believe how much time has gone by - she's all grown up now! She was such a good little traveler...

  9. A wonderful way to see Paris....most places are pretty fabulous if seen through the eyes of children...xv



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