Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lobster for Lunch

I love the the "Tory Entertains" posts on the Tory Burch blog. Wouldn't you love to be invited to this spring break lobster luncheon?

Image from Tory Burch

Blue and white and lobster are a few of my favorite things, so found Tory's invitation especially inspiring. I have a couple lobster feasts on the horizon... I owe my friend Pam a lobster pot pie, and have a "crazy lobster night" summer tradition with some dear friends. So what would my spin be on this lobster fest?

I would start with my favorite vintage blue and white plates.

Image from Costal Living

Add some relaxed blue linens... and maybe some white flowers...

Image from Carolyne Roehm A Passion for Blue & White

Or perhaps a pretty pop of pink! An outdoor setting is a must, so we'll hope for warm weather and sunshine.

Al fresco dining at Pam's (photo Heidi Diaz)

What to wear? 

 Image from Nordstrom.com
A Tory seashell tunic...

 Image from Nordstrom.com

Or this relaxed hostess dress would be perfect! 

Of course, it's the friends around the table that make the meal special. Who wants to join me for lunch? 

PS: Thanks, Amy, for the inspiration!


  1. Um, yeah - I'm in! I'll bring the wine! :)

    XOXO, C

  2. I love those Tory Entertains features - in fact I think her blog is one of the best out there - she obviously has a great staff!! Lobster and blue are two of my favorites as well - especially for summer. Love your blue plates and Carolyne Roehm always does the most amazing settings!!

  3. I will bring the lobster bibs and place cards!

  4. This makes me want to go to a clam bake.

    - Sarah

  5. lets put in on the calendar... i am so glad those happy dishes have a wonderful home... i will bring the 15' 10" table! he he xx

  6. I love this post and think you should host this spring luncheon and invite me. hah. xoxo.

  7. i am in too! PVE, can't wait to meet you and great idea to bring the bibs. I'm certain between you and Jeanne they would the most fashionable lobster bibs ever seen! :) Jeanne, your post gave me a whiff of summer.... can't wait! xo



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