Friday, March 4, 2011

Have A Colorful Weekend

Happy friday, friends! What are you up to today? I'm heading to the market and then to Best Buds, the little flower stand down street, to get ready for dinner tomorrow night. Picking out flowers has got to be one of my favorite parts of prepping for a party.

Image from The Sartorialist 

Thought I'd end the week with a little splash of color à la Anna Dello Russo and The Sartorialist. I think she's smashing. Seattle is still gray and dreary, so we need all the color we can get.

Image from Canadian House and Home

This room seems to be the interior equivalent to Anna's color riot.

Image from Jak & Jil

So what about you? Are you ready to stand out in a crowd or are you feeling more neutral this weekend? BTW, If you're looking to "Unleash your inner Anna," Garance Doré has an amusing how-to guide for being assaulted by a horde of street photographers. ("Wear open-toed shoes without stockings in the snow / fur in summer —> dressing for the wrong season is very in fashion.")

Whether you're looking to be the center of attention, or prefer some quiet time alone, I hope your weekend is bright, colorful and happy! XO


  1. Definitely feeling colorful! I'm done with all of this cold weather and ready for some flowers.

  2. One of my favorite dances that I danced in was "Joseph and the amazing technicolor coat" - Now all I can think about is that amazing coat and bunch of technicolored blooms. As I age, I love color more and more.

  3. Love Anna - her color riot - perfect description!! I've always been more of a behind the scenes sort of girl but that doesn't mean I don't love color - but I use it more as an accent. Totally ready for some now though after this winter!!

  4. I have to second Mary's comment - Jeanne, I adore your blog. It's my favorite part of the morning!!

  5. The color looks wonderful. Have a great weekend -- maybe I'll see you at best buds! My party Sunday is La Fete Blanc -- I I actually need to find something to wear that is WHITE -- to go with all of the flowers and branches!! Have a wonderful gathering!

  6. I can feel Spring approaching....because I've been all about blending in over the winter and I think I'm ready to stand out a little. Bring on the color!!!

    Anna is such a great, fashion free spirit! Always fun to see what she's wearing!!!

    Happy weekend!
    xo elizabeth

  7. All this colour was the perfect winter pick me up! That bouquet is drop dead gorgeous.



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