Monday, March 7, 2011

Happy Almost Spring Monday

Friends, could Spring finally be approaching? Here in Seattle, the sun actually came out this weekend, trees are starting to bloom and daffodils are about to pop in our backyard. There were plenty of gorgeous spring flowers to chose from for our girls' dinner on Saturday night.

Image from Martha Stewart 

This photo from Martha Stewart sparked the inspiration for the centerpiece, and while I couldn't find any sweet blue muscari, there was a riot of parrot tulips to choose from. 

Here's the final result. A little yellow, blue and white became the color palate for the evening. 

I can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday then cooking up a feast for friends--or a better way to spend an evening than being surrounded by laughter, conversation and dear ones.

Thanks for the good times, girls. Pam, we saved you some shortbread! 

 Images from Heidi Diaz

Are you dreaming of Spring today?


  1. What a lovely way to celebrate amongst friends and usher in Springtime Joy! Is that your home, I love that wall cabinetry and collections.

  2. Happy Monday, Patricia. Yes, that is our home... I'm a little obsessed with blue and white! XO

  3. Jeanne - you're the best! I laughed so hard I cried so many times, and then there were the times where I just plain cried. So great to get dear friends together. You do so much to make us all feel cherished and special - thank you!!! XOXO, C

  4. Aw what a beautiful table setting! Love the blue, orange and yellow color combination. BTW those plates are gorgeous!

    xo Linda

  5. aaaah blue and white with a touch of yellow -- my favorite combination!! The flowers are beautiful and it looks like it was a splendid evening!! I am loving all of the croci popping up in my yard and beds!! ebh

  6. ohhhhh how i missed you all... i will hop over for pie and cookies!
    dinner soon.... xoxoxoxo

  7. Your home looks so beautiful! That night sounds lovely! xxxxxxxxx



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