Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Laura, Kate, Josie and Emma

My lovely friend Laura and I were out shopping the other night when she snagged this darling Kate Spade Josie dress.

 My illustration

Laura's spring and summer months will be full of fun and adventure, and I think Josie will make the perfect travel companion. I can just see her at a garden party...

Image from WWEPW.com

And low and behold, Emma Pillsbury and Laura must share the same terrific taste, because Glee's favorite stylish Guidance Counselor wore the same dress last week -- I like how she styled it with a turquoise cardigan, orange belt, matching bracelet and sweet vintage brooch... BTW, did you know there was a blog devoted to Emma Pillsbury's wardrobe? I love the internet!

Image from Kate Spade

I think Kate looks great for spring!

Image from Kate Spade

Image from Kate Spade

I'm smitten! How about you? Which would you like to throw into you suitcase for a little spring fling?


  1. 1. I am loving Kate Spade this Spring.
    2. I cannot come up with words to express my gratitude to you for introducing me to a blog devoted to Emma Pillsbury's wardrobe. Love.


  2. so loving the floral... maybe i can borrow it? tee hee...
    and the dots are soooo pretty... xoxo



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