Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I loved coming across this gorgeous Georges Dambier photograph on Brabourne Farm last week.

Image from Brabourne Farm

It took me to Paris and one of my favorite spots, Les Jardins du Luxembourg.

Photo by Ilse Bing (from SFMOMA)

I'm not sure why, but the sweet little chairs that inhabit the garden fascinate me.

Image from HiP Paris
They always appear to be engaged in coversation with each other.

Image from 

Either getting the gang together to catch up on the latest gossip...

Photo by Steven Sharnoff

...just catching up on the news...

Image from Jamie Grenough Photography

...or cozying up for a little tte-à-tte.

 Image from Project for Public Spaces 

To see them lined up all single-file, prim and straight in a row, they look as if they suddenly fell into order, because they didn't want you to know that moments ago they had leaned in to whisper a secret.

My illustration

They bring to mind those rare and wonderful friends who you might not see as often as you would wish, but when you do get together, you talk for hours as if no time has passed at all.


  1. Gorgeous illustration. These photos make me want to grab some coffee and my hubby and take a walk--especially the third photo. The yellow tree line walkway is beautiful.

  2. Alright, it's official, we are meeting in Paris next with art supplies....and sitting pretty on one of these charming chairs.

  3. my excitement of scheming to meet in Paris...I forgot to say...your artwork is lovely.

  4. Thanks Patricia! I think you are right, a trip to Paris is a must. A painting day in the Luxembourg gardens. Sketching the passers by from a sidewalk table at the Cafe de Flore. Heaven! XO

  5. What a charming post - just love the secret life of the chairs! Also always loved the Kertesz shots of them. And Jeanne - your illustrations are truly lovely.

  6. Q-thanks always for the sweet comment. I always love your visits. YOU are lovely. XX

  7. love this illustration! Les Jardins du Luxembourg is one of my favorites! Last April, I stayed in a hotel that was only a few blocks took me back there :)

    glad i discovered your blog today!


  8. Love your illustration...
    and those images are really awesome.
    Love your blog and decided to become a follower:)

  9. Jeanne- Love the chairs!

    Your sweet illustration is wonderful!




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