Friday, February 18, 2011

Dreaming of...Versailles

Between Fenton's "Versailles at Midnight" presentation, Thakoon's "Rococo Masai" collection and Jason Wu's "Baroque meets Sportswear" theme inspired by Robert Polidori's photographs of the 25-year restoration of the palace, I have Versailles on the brain this week.

 The mirrored runway at Jason Wu (image from

Photos by Robert Polidori

The Robert Polidori books could by my very favorite. Every time I thumb through the pages, I see something I didn't notice before. I can easily see how they could inspire an entire collection.

Versailles is on the list of places I wish I could visit every week. Short of that, Polidori's photos, and pictures and memories from my own travels, will just have to do.


All images above from Heidi Diaz, Laura McMahon and Laurie Flynn

 My own illustration

Books, film, photos, memories, imagination...We might not be able to travel the world as much as we wish in search of inspiration, but if we remember where to look, we can find it every day.


  1. those scenes take my breath away
    i'll only go there in my dreams
    your illustration is lovely =)

  2. So much beauty!! I haven't been to Versailles in - well let's just say decades! I think I'm going to have to go to Amazon and see if I can order the books - I'm quite sure I need them. :-)

  3. Lovely inspiration on so many levels...just adored this post!

  4. We are meant to be friends, as we like so many of the same things..have been to Versailles three times and could go back and see it as if I have never seen it before,each room is truly a feast for the eyes.
    I LOVE Robert Polidori..I remember the controversy after Hurricane Katrina and discoverd him then and since have two of his books.....talented man that he is. My favorite is the Chateaux book on the Loire Valley...dreamy!
    Please visit my new blog...less than 2 months old, about the building of our home and my love for design/decor. Would love you to stop by......have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Beautiful post and I love your watercolor!


  6. Jeanne- What beautiful images. So over the top. My favorite is you illustration!


  7. We went two summers ago and I have lovely photos as a memory -
    I think that Marie-Antionette would have been very pleased with your artwork!



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