Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dreaming of...A Puerta Vallarta Wedding

Happy Wednesday, everyone. Any signs of spring yet where you are? It's been a wet week here in Seattle (shocker) and I have to say, I'm craving a little sun. Happily, something I got to cross off the to-do list yesterday was booking travel plans for a wedding we're attending in May.

Our friends Chris an Gina are getting married. We couldn't be more thrilled.

The fact that they'll be tying the knot in Puerta Vallarta is icing on the cake.

Celebrating the marriage of two of our favorite people? 

Spending time in the sun with dear friends?

Staying at the gorgeous Hacienda San Angel?

I'm counting the days! (92 BTW!)

I can taste the piƱa coladas already.

And smell the sunscreen.

Anyone else ready for some sun?


  1. I hope you bring your sketchbook and art supplies, what a heavenly spot.

  2. I seriously can't wait! Now to plan our resort wear...! :)

  3. Where in Seattle do you live? I'm here too! (Mercer Island) And I'm sick of the rain . . . a Puerta Vallarta wedding sounds like just the ticket ;)

  4. Well life doesn't get much better than that, Jeanne. What a fun occasion in a spectacular location....dreamy!!

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