Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Swan's Way

Image from Vogue.com

Praise for Natalie Portman's performance aside, I don't think I'll be seeing Black Swan. It looks a little too...intense, creepy and dark for my tastes. Billy Elliot is more my speed. But I am fascinated by the costumes, created by Kate and Laura Mulleavy, the super-talented sisters who design Rodarte.

Image from Style.com

Image from Style.com 

I had the good fortune to meet the Mulleavy sisters last summer, and have to say they are as lovely and downright nice as they are ridiculously talented. 

Image from Style.com 

Laura told New York Magazine that the most challenging part of the project was learning to build a tutu, something the Rodarte girls and most designers have never done. “Building a tutu is one of the lost couture arts,” said Laura. “Everyone will know it’s like getting your hand on the prize, like a coveted piece of couture that no one ever gets to see.”

Image from Style.com

They look like a Degas painting come to life, don't they?

The Star (Dancer on Stage) 1878, by Edgar Degas, Musee d'Orsay

Image from Fox Searchlight Pictures

Dancers Practicing at the Bar 1877, by Edgar Degas, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Instead of Black Swan, I hope I can convince my husband that we need go to the Pacific Northwest Ballet's The Nutcracker again. I could go over and over, year after year.  It's a beautiful performance with sets by Maurice Sendak.  

The Chinese Dance in the artist Maurice Sendak and the choreographer Kent Stowell’s production of “The Nutcracker," image from the New York Times

It's magical. The New York Times recently sang it's praises. The music, the costumes, the dancing, the sets... it's one of my favorite holiday traditions. 

Any plans to see a performance of The Nutcracker this year? Or does Black Swan on the big screen have more appeal?


  1. I would love to see the Nutcracker....but a film is more likely....xv

  2. I danced for 13 years and my daughter dances now. We went last year to the Nutcracker and we try to support the arts and dance. Life would not be the same without Art, Music, Dance! (and tutu's)

  3. Hi Vicki, Thanks so much for popping over! Thrilled to see your comment! A friend fessed up that she is giving me and all her friends your book for Christmas!! Can't wait!

    Patricia, I couldn't agree more-Art, Music, Dance, Tutus!

  4. The images.. divine! So lovely to meet you, xo

  5. Hi Sara, Thanks for popping by and for following! Your blog is lovey!!! XO

  6. Black Swan looks so compelling and dreamy and yet creepy and scary all at once..I too can't decide if I want to see this one or not!



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