Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mac Daddy

The New York Times T Magazine this week features one of my neighborhood favorites, The Volunteer Park Cafe.

 Image from T Magazine

It's one of those haunts every neighborhood needs. Friendly, casual, homey with a menu of simple, delicious comforting food. The big communal table down the center of the restaurant was the perfect setting to gather friends when I celebrated a "big birthday" last year.

Photo by Heidi Diaz
Given the choice between chocolate and cheese, and I'll choose cheese every time. Fortunately at The Volunteer Park Cafe you don't have to choose, they do both extremely well. (Ganache-covered, cocoa-crusted salted-caramel tart, anyone?) But check this out:

Image from T Magazine

Apparently co-owner Erica Burke came up with a jarred mac and cheese sauce: Gruyère, fontina, smoked provolone, Parmesan, sour cream, roasted garlic puree, heavy cream and a pinch of cayenne. It comes with a small pouch of crumb topping — brioche flavored with garlic and bound by loads of butter. Just add pasta. Sign me up, please.

Wouldn't that make a delicious house warming or hostess gift? I'd even be happy to find some of that cheese goodness under the tree. What about you? Cheese? Chocolate? Or both?


  1. Looks like a wonderful place - and everything sounds delicious. I'm with you - cheese over chocolate but that tart sounds mouth watering and the mac cheese sauce sound delicious and love the "packaging". What a great festive find - I'm sure your party was fabulous!

  2. you know i am all over this... and the mac and cheese - great idea!
    had so much fun last night... xx

  3. Looks delicious! I love your blog. Appears fun was had by all.
    Thank you for stopping by today.

  4. Hi Teresa, thanks for popping over. Love your blog, too. :-)

  5. Winter seems synonymous with cheese, chocolate and fondue...

  6. wait, what?! Erica has m&c sauce ?? how have i missed this....must get in there soon! everyone in the Seattle area, please be sure to frequent VPC as much as possible now and in the near future. They need our support as they continue to have to deal with the legal battle one neighbor is trying to wage with them to get them to move out of the neighborhood. (Grinch!!) :(

  7. Both! Mac & Cheese and Chocolate please! Great stocking stuffer ideas indeed! Thank you for sharing!

  8. Genius to create an easy way to have a killer Mac & Cheese. I will be adding the VPC to my visit list next time I'm home to Seattle. Pam's shop comes first!

    Thanks for the fun idea.

    Cheers ~ Deb

  9. Hi Monica and Deb, thanks so much for stopping by! Deb--the Ticking always comes first... XO



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