Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Loving this...The Parisian Guide To Style

Boy, I could have used this book 20-something years ago when I was trading Levis, Izods and Sperry Top-siders for Madonna-inspired lace gloves and my boyfriend's motorcycle jacket...before deciding that maybe style was anything with a Polo logo.

I remember Inès de la Fressange in those years when she was the face of Chanel. Her brand of chic seemed unreachable and inimitable. Had she published her style secrets then, it may have saved me years of unfortunate outfits and the photos to prove it (Tolo 1988 comes to mind).

Image from Huffington Post

The book looks fantastic and has me feeling inspired already! 


Her personal tips for living with style and charm. Thoughts on how to dress like a Parisian... her favorite addresses for design and style. How clever. 

Image from RDuJour

 Image from RDuJour

Image from RDuJour
Who couldn't use a little fashion advice from a woman who has been in the industry's spotlight for 25 years?!

 With Karl Lagerfeld in 1987 (Image from Huffington Post)

And in 2010 (Image from Huffington Post)

The book also includes tips on how to inject style into any space--at home or at the office. Some pretty pink walls like her's at Roger Vivier would make me feel happy and chic at work. 

Image from The Selby

Image from The Selby

Image from The Selby

"My office is like a flea market!" Inès told Domino in their final issue. That's some chic flea market, don't you think? 



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