Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Inspired By...Carine Roitfeld

Ever since Carine Roitfeld announced last week that she plans to leave French Vogue, the fashion world has been buzzing.

Image from The Sartorialist

Why is she leaving? What will she do next? 

Tom and Carine, together again?

Who will fill her fabulous shoes?

Image from Jack & Jil

Emmanuel Alt?

Image from The Sartorialist 

Anna Dello Russo?

 Image from The Sartorlialist

Carine told The New York Times' Cathryn Horn that she wanted to leave while she was at the top of her game. “I think it’s time to do something different.”  I respect and admire that choice, and believe it to be true, in spite of all the speculation out there. 

Circulation is up 45% during her tenure. 

Image from Vogue.com

Her masquerade ball celebrating the magazine's 90th Anniversary was THE party of Spring 2011 Fashion week(s). 

 Image from Jak & Jil

Whatever her reasons, it takes gumption to walk away from such a brilliant job and try something new. 

 Image from The Sartorialist

I've long admired La Roitfeld's style. She's Exhibit A that beauty doesn't have a type and that sexy doesn't have an age. 

Image from The Sartorialist

Her amazing apartment is inspiring, too. Proof that old-world architecture and contemporary minimalism can live together beautifully. 

Restoin Roitfeld apartment images from New Paris Interiors via Fashionologie

Image from The Sartorialist

I can't wait to see what she does next. What about you? Have you ever walked away when things were good in pursuit of something great? Taken a risk to try something different? Would you?


  1. Wonderful tribute to a huge talent. She has been an incredible inspiration and I'm anxiously awaiting news of her next venue - I'm sure it will be something wonderfully creative!

  2. She is glamour...She'll have to do something fabulous!

    Julie xo



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