Friday, December 3, 2010

Fa La La and Heavenly Peace

Happy weekend, everyone! What do you have planned? We are blessed with busyness. With a lot of this...

All three images from Country Living we unpack our collection of ornaments and deck the halls. (I'm so excited--it's like seeing old friends!)

And lots of this... the season for holiday cheer and celebrations gets into full swing!

But what I'm also hoping for is a little of this...

A little holiday artwork by yours truly

For as much as I love the fa la la I'm also dreaming of some heavenly peace. Just a little time to curl up with a glass of wine and a good book in front of the fire and the twinkly Christmas tree!

Whatever your plans, I'm wishing you all a beautiful weekend full of joy and peace. XO


  1. johnny and i will be trimming about...and yes, the ticking is a constant open house for all those who would like to come and hang out... always!
    come in saturday... i will be there!! xx

  2. Love your very smart & relaxed polar bear...and your blog, it's wonderful!

    Merry decorating...
    xo Jessica~

  3. Popping over from Red Ticking.
    Delighted to find you!
    Happy Holidays from Bainbridge Island!

  4. Hi Jessica, thanks so much for visiting and the kind words! Lovely to have you following! Hope you have a merry, merry weekend! XO

    And Teresa, Thanks so much for popping over from Red Ticking (Pam is one of my favorite people on the planet). Delighted to see your comment and so glad you are following. Hope it's a lovely weekend on Bainbridge --one of my dearest friends lives on the island, but I haven't been over in months! XO

  5. Hi Jeanne girl! Per usual, I'm going to have to live vicariously through you - reading in front of the tree sounds truly heavenly!! Currently, the place where I might curl up and read in front of my fireplace and tree is the home of the "money game", where the kids are practicing the art of commerce - they still have no idea how to make change - and someone just paid $92.67 for a lego snowman! :) Thanks for bringing a moment of peace and beauty into my life!! Love you!

  6. Am with you on all activities - would especially love to be able to sit and read - so far behind on my reading!!



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