Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Dreaming Of...A Cozy Winter Retreat

I have a special place in my heart for Sun Valley. My husband and I were married there just over three years ago. One of my dearest friends tied the knot there, too. It's been the site of so many amazing memories and time spent with dear ones. Whenever the weather starts to turn cold, I start to dream of a cozy retreat in the
shadow of the Sawtooth Mountains. 

The fact that it looks like the perfect place to warm up with a hot chocolate after cross-country skiing out to Trail Creek Cabin is only one of the reasons why I'm obsessed with Megan Rice Yager's Sun Valley kitchen (Kitchen of the Month in November House Beautiful).

I love that she placed her dining room table at the center of the kitchen. "I can plop down and read a cookbook. Friends can sit down with a glass of wine," Megan said in the House Beautiful interview. Can't you just imagine standing at the stove, cooking up a big batch of boeuf bourguignon for aprés ski while a few other friends who decided to stay indoors that day sit round the table, drink wine and keep you company?

 And that stove! entry level La Cornue. Megan pointed out in the interview that it's about the same price as a Viking or a Wolf. Something I will definitely remember when I do get to design my dream-retreat kitchen. And I love that she made up for the splurge by buying an Ikea sink!

She did a great job with the whole high/low thing -- the sconces are from Lowe's, can you believe? So true that style and price are not always the same thing.  

I love all the natural wood. How she combines blue and white with little pops of red. (I haven't tried this yet in my kitchen, but think I will!)

All Images from House Beautiful

Megan says in the interview that she was trying to create history and authenticity with the finishings and details she chose, and that she thinks it works because she had a story in mind when she was creating it. “The fabulous stove stands in for the big hearth that would have been the center of the old 'keeping room' in a little frontier cabin. Everything is happily disheveled, just the way I envisioned it.”

What story would you tell with your dream retreat? 


  1. This will be year 5 of spending weekends skiing and away - and even though we are only there part time, the feeling we leave with is one part envigorating and the other making memories. Our twins are seniors so we have wonderful memories of the past years getting up early, having fondue after a hard day of outdoor skiing. They race downhill and love it. Love that cabin and would love to go to Sun Valley.

  2. Such wonderful memories! I love the picture your words paint of early mornings, speeding down hills, and a well-earned feast at the end of the day...Makes me smile.

  3. So wonderful, I love the images and the dining room especially. Great memories for a lifetime!

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  4. nothing like a fantastic country kitchen--haven't been to Sun Valley-too get married there must have been fantastic!

  5. We have the "entry level" La Cornue and love it. It is the hero of our kitchen!!

  6. love this... and love the memories of your wedding... xx



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